NGO Networking in Nigeria

From the European Journal of Business and Social Sciences: "Networking: a prerequisite for socio value creation of NGOs in southwestern Nigeria" by Hasimiyu Ademola Adele

"The study examined impact of networking on healthcare service delivery of selected NGOs in southwestern Nigeria, most especially their ability to collaborate effectively in order to cocreate significant social and economic values...Findings revealed that networking enabled NGOs circumvent resource constraints, expand operational scope and improve value proposition of their innovations."

"One important feature of successful business enterprise is networking – a vehicle through which organisations access critical resources, which they often do not possess, to achieve objectives they could not independently. Cross-sector collaborations, as viewed by academic, businessmen as well as non-profit executives, have increased tremendously in recent times. This is as a realization that it avails organisations opportunity to accomplish more with less. And that it has become a powerful and inescapable means for achieving socio-economic missions – creating values for social and economic purposes."

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