What are the meteorites?

Rolando Ernesto Tellez

March 26, 2019

In 2009, I wrote several newspaper articles entitled. What are the meteorites?, Valle de Pantasma is the crater of a meteor, tourist project in the Pantasma valley END, blogs, etc., in order to make the population known that said valley was formed by the impact of a large meteorite thousands of years ago. In the year 2019, the French doctor Pierre Rochette of the University of Aix Marseille and his team confirmed in the academic magazine "The Meteoritical Society" the technical details and evidence of the meteoric crater in Pantasma.

When I wrote my articles, I had to study and look for rocks that resembled the evidence that would prove the meteorite fall in the vicinity of the Pantasma Valley in Jinotega. Dr. Jaime Incer Barquero recommended that I look for petrographs. The fieldwork took me many weeks and trips until I found the required evidence. The official position of ANASA, the CIGEO and others was that all the rocks were of volcanic origin, due to the volcanic activity in the Oligocene.

In 2009, I managed to send samples to the USA. and Germany, obtaining positive response from this last country, some rocks of volcanic origin are much like the impact rocks caused by a huge meteorite. I kept writing about it, but it did not have much relevance, even though I had already obtained the result of a positive sample. Currently, I contact Dr. Rochette to submit my sample to geochemical and optical exams with electronic microscopes.

Scientist Morgan Cox of the Center for Space Science and Technology at Curtin University in Australia describes an impact gap, which is common in large meteorite impacts. The impact rock or gap originates as a result of the impact and can be located in different parts of the crater. According to the researchers, the sample examined was created as a result of the immense heat, about 12,000 degrees Celsius and enormous pressure.

At the 70th annual meeting of the Meteoritical Society of 2016, the French researcher from the University of Aix-Marseilla in France who took a sample of Pantasma, demonstrated that the glasses have an origin of impact or shock.

As a writer and researcher, I hope that this article has aroused curiosity, you can see my sample containing this impact glass in Managua and you can send me questions to my email below.


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