Meterorites in Nicaragua

Pantasma looks for fragments of ancient meteorite

In the visit made by the researcher Rolando Ernesto Téllez (photo above), from April 2 to 5, 2019, the Mayor of Pantasma, headed by Mr. Oscar Gadea, showed great interest and willingness to undertake the search for the fragments of meteorite in the whole area.

As I explained to the officials of the mayor's office, Mr. Jaime Mesa and Jack Forest, 99.9% of the rocks found in the area are of volcanic origin and a small percentage originates from the meteorite that melted when exploded approximately 815,000 years

Given the difficulty to find these precious samples. You need to have a strategy in which all the locals participate, in such a way that the search is more effective and eventually find some possible meteorites.

Later, these rocks will have to be examined since the volcanic rocks are very similar to the rocks detached from a large meteorite. For that reason, the mayor of Santa María de Pantasma will receive and register any candidate rock that is the result of the impact that formed the Pantasma crater. In other words, the meteorite can be found both inside the crater, as well as in outcrops throughout the area even outside of Pantasma.

I, Rolando Tellez, call on all the locals to contribute in the search for these rocks. If city officials can not identify the rocks, they will send photos via Facebook to your server. If they have a good camera, they can also send them directly to Facebook, which Meteorito Pantasma Nicaragua says. As a writer and researcher-translator, I will be visiting the Pantasma area, and then proceed with further examinations outside the country.

My proposal is that eventually the best museum in Nicaragua in Pantasma will be built, in which all the meteorite and non-meteorite rocks can be exhibited, since there are many semiprecious stones.

In conclusion, in order to make the most of this great scientific discovery, efforts must be made so that eventually Pantasma becomes an international tourist center, just as I expressed it in a newspaper article that I published in El Nuevo Diario, dated 12 August of the year 2009. To see the whole story, click here.

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