Paso Pacifico: Junior Rangers

More than 400 children graduated as Guardians of Nature in Nicaragua! 

The junior park ranger program run by Paso Pacifico was designed as an active way to speed up the learning of Nicaraguan children while creating leadership, discipline, and respect for nature and human beings.

Every year Paso Pacifico trains and educates children from 8 to 13 years of age for 6 months to improve their knowledge of nature and their biodiversity. The program consists of 6 different curricula, where they learn about reptiles, birds, mammals, insects, fish, and forests, as well as how to be a good park ranger, leadership, first aid and use of the most common instruments and field materials.

Children do field practices, exchanges, and community projects. These may include, a visit to the La Flor Wildlife Refuge during turtle spawning, beach cleaning, tree planting, bird listings, as well as, elaboration of signage alluding to wildlife protection, murals, paintings on Biodiversity, among others. This year we celebrated the VI graduation of junior park rangers, where 60 children received their diplomas and awards. It is a motivating event that makes them and makes us proud of their work and of the Pacific Pass. Congratulations to all the graduates!

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