Nicaragua Initiative for Community Advancement


NAGAROTE, Leon (July 7, 2019) -- Nicaragua Initiative for Community Advancement announces the grand opening of its community center, named the NET, located in Playa El Transito, Nagarote on July 3, 2019.

The NET will be a space where everyone can come together and make a difference in the town. “It will be a place where tourist will be able to connect to the internet, eat and serve the community, and for residents, it will be the place to learn new ideas, get support and come together to solve problems,” Terri Marlett, the co-founder and executive director of NICA, says.


NICA will also locate its offices in the NET where they will be able to speed up processes and have a formal place to hold private and large community meetings. Caracola Café, a local restaurant, will also be located in the NET for tourists to eat and connect to WIFI.

“At the NET, we will offer new things in addition to the established programs. We will offer free services as well as services that will require some partnership from the participants to attend,” Mrs. Terri Marlett says. “we will offer reading and math programs for children k-6.” Through these programs, students from El Transito will be able to attend after-school sessions where they will be able to reinforce their learning and acquire new knowledge.


NICA has also partnered with different institutions to bring new programs to the community of El Transito. “We have partnered with Keiser University English Institute to offer affordable English classes to 5-11 graders as well as to young adults beginning August 1,” Mrs. Marlett says. “We will also partner with the Alcaldia to offer free seminars to improve the health of the people, the environment, and the local economy.


” Nicaragua Initiative for Community Advancement (NICA) is a registered 501(c)3 organization that focuses on researching and developing programs that create lasting change in rural communities across Nicaragua. NICA uses responsible charity practices and education development to build models that could be repeated throughout the country

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