Amigos for Christ

November 8, 2018

Chinandega, Nicaragua

In May, we made the difficult decision to postpone the remainder of our 2018 mission trips due to the current political climate. It was unexpected and disappointing to our entire organization, especially considering that we were prepared to welcome nearly 2,000 short term missionaries from all over the United States. CEO John Bland, had the difficult task to announce the decision to the whole Amigos for Christ team of 113 at a Monday morning meeting. As the meeting closed out, team member Francisco Desbas led the team in prayer: “God, we know you love us. We believe in your promises. Help us continue to be a light in our country during this time.”

The Amigos team manufactures hope on a daily basis, and this season is no different. Behind the scenes, our partnerships team immediately kicked into action. Leader, Jared Alexander, explained to his team, “We can’t facilitate mission trips like we planned for this year, but we have countless local communities, organizations, schools, and churches who probably need a ‘bright spot’ right now. Let’s reach out to see if people want to join us for a day of service, a ‘mission day’.” Within a few days, hundreds of people were signed up.

To date, we’ve hosted 1,124 local Nicaraguan volunteers. These volunteers gather in our rancho in the morning to hear a reflection about being “Puntos de Luz” (Bright Spots) and then they load up on buses to go out with the goal of shining their light, as they help their fellow countrymen work towards a better future. It has been remarkable and life-giving for our Amigos team to witness the love that is being shown in the midst of this difficult moment of Nicaragua’s history.

The main service project volunteers have helped with has been a major water system in the Pedregal community, north of El Viejo. On November 30th, we’ll be throwing a giant water inauguration with the community to celebrate clean, running water and sanitary bathrooms for 200 families. All local volunteers will be invited, and we plan to have 1,500 in attendance.

If your organization is interested in a service day or overnight trip with Amigos for Christ in Chinandega, we would be thrilled to have you join us. There is still so much good happening in this beautiful country, and we want to continue inviting others into that story. Contact for more information.



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