Mayflower Medical Outreach - A Feel-Good Story in Nicaragua

Mayflower Medical Outreach

December 3, 2018

This is a story of an American NGO and an alliance with a local
organization, and an incredibly dedicated and committed group of people at
MMO and AMNLAE, a Nicaraguan non-governmental organization that supports
and educates women and teens about women's issues and pregnancy in
Nicaragua - and a story about a little deaf boy from the town of Wiwili.

The story begins about 20 years, on a medical research trip by Dr. James
Saunders, a well-reknowned surgeon, and his friend and interpreter, Mark
Falk, to Nicaragua to study cases of deafness. In short, they responded to
this experience by setting up a foundation whose goal was to help the deaf
and hard-of-hearing people of Nicaragua. They have literally changed lives.

With the support and generosity of the pastor and congregants of Mayflower
Church in Oklahoma City, they began this project called Mayflower Medical
Outreach. Twenty years later, we have helped fill a void that existed in
the hearing health and deaf education needs of the deaf community

Mayflower's audiology program has U.S. trained audiology-techs and funds an
audiology clinic that operates 3 days a week year-round where all our
services are free, including hearing and tympanometry exams, hearing aids,
and batteries. We have brigades twice a year that bring volunteer surgeons
to do some specialty and difficult operations. Volunteers on the brigades
also include deaf educators who offer workshops and advice to the teachers
that work at the Albergue giving academic re-enforcement to our kids. My
office is inside an Albergue where 24 deaf children, 8-20 years old, reside
during the school year. With 17 Nicaraguan staff members, all able to
communicate in sign language with the kids, it is a very lively place!
Which brings me to the point of my story.

One of the first little boys to come to live at the Albergue was Jaciell,
only 8yrs old. That was almost 11 years ago! This year he becomes a
graduate of Jose Dolores High School. Our first from the Albergue to
graduate high school.

For more information regarding our organization, you may contact me at
 Jaciell movie new.mp4

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