COVID-19 Resources


COVID-19 Resources 

As the COVID-19 situation in Nicaragua continues to develop, we at the NNN will do our best to keep you updated and provide you with resources and information you need.

COVID-19 Updates in Nicaragua

Links to information about the status of the virus in Nicaragua

Updates from the United States Embassy

Nicaraguan Multidisciplinary Scientific Committee Website (Spanish Only)

Research Contributions for Facing the Pandemic (Spanish Only)

Patient Care Guides from the Nicaraguan Medical Association (Spanish Only)

Centro Humboldt April Report on Social Risk Management in the Context of COVID-19

DevelopingEM talks COVID-19 in Nicaragua with Hector Real

MINSA-Nicaragua Website (Spanish Only)

What is COVID-19?

Links to general COVID-19 information

What are the Symptoms? (Johns Hopkins School of Medicine)

How is COVID-19 Transmitted? (World Health Organization)

Center for Disease Control: What to do if you’re sick

Checklist for someone sick with COVID-19 (Ohio Department of Health-Spanish Only)

Video links:


Social Media Informational Materials (Spanish Only, PDF): 

Print Resources:

Prevention Resources

Links to information about how to prevent the spread of the virus

How to protect yourself according to the World Health Organization

What is social distancing and why is it so important? Washington Post

Video links:

Social Media Informational Materials (Spanish Only, PDF): 

Use of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

Links to information about proper PPE usage

All about wearing a mask according to the World Health Organization

Face mask guidance from the CDC

Video links:

Interview with Dr. Leonel Argüello about importance and proper use of face masks (Spanish Only)

Social Media Informational Materials (Spanish Only, PDF): 

Resources for Medical Professionals 

Links to information COVID-19 Updates in the Medical Community

Instructions for use of the Oxymizer

New Anticoagulation Protocols for COVID-19 Patients   (Spanish available here)

WHO: Clinical Management of COVID-19 

Video links:

A Diverse Range of Medical Experts Discuss COVID-19 Updates (Spanish Only)