Neighbors to Nicaragua

Organization Founded: Mar 2013

City of Origin

Wilmington, DE

País de origen de procedencia

United States

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Genre's of Aid

Housing - Permanent
Health & Nutrition

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The mission of Neighbors to Nicaragua is to identify and alleviate problems resulting from severe poverty in Granada, Managua, and Ometepe. We meet the critical needs of our youth and families by providing food, shelter, transportation, clothing, and medical aid and services. We also provide educational programming, supplies, and tuition support and aid the missions of other organizations whose effective work supports our own.

What We're About

Neighbors to Nicaragua offers a variety of educational and critical needs services to some 300 children, youth, and adults each year. Our primary projects and programs fall under at least one of the following categories: Education (Student Sponsorship, Adult Literacy Classes, Academic Enrichment Support), Housing, Nutrition, Medical Aid, and Other Basic Needs.



Executive Director
Chuck Selvaggio founded Neighbors to Nicaragua to increase awareness about poverty in Nicaragua and invest in the education and wellbeing of its citizens, particularly the country's children and youth. A former high school teacher, Chuck first traveled to the Central American nation in 2011 to study Spanish. After witnessing the region’s high rate of youth homelessness, Chuck became interested in learning more about efforts to educate its youth and alleviate issues associated with poverty. Upon returning home, he recruited friends, family members, and former colleagues to volunteer their time and money to support grassroots organizations working to improve the education and infrastructure of the communities he had visited. He guaranteed those donors that 100% of their gifts would be allocated towards education and critical needs projects--a promise that remains to this day. Outside of volunteering as Neighbor's to Nicaragua's Executive Director, Chuck works full time as a massage therapist out of his home studio in Wilmington, Delaware.
Nicaraguan Country Director
Maycól "Michael" García lives in Granada, Nicaragua and is the "eyes, ears, and heart" of Neighbors to Nicaragua. In addition to overseeing our organization's Nicaraguan operations—including helping to manage the Casa de los Sueños school and critical needs activities—Maycól works as a private Spanish teacher and massage therapist. He offers Spanish lessons to students locally and worldwide via Skype. He donates much of his teaching and massage therapy income to projects that benefit Nicaragua's children and youth.