Simulator Center: the project that puts Nicaragua at the forefront of medical education

Simulator Center: the project that puts Nicaragua at the forefront of medical education

The military hospital in Managua presented the new Simulator Center (practice on mannequins) for medical education in Nicaragua

Lidia Lopez, La Prensa Nicaragua, 7/26/2019

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The Military Hospital, in Managua, presented the new Center of simulators (practice in mannequins) for medical education in Nicaragua, with which it seeks to develop the skills and abilities of the student or professional before their encounter with the real patient in different scenarios. The center, inaugurated on July 2 in the framework of the 40th anniversary of the constitution of the Nicaraguan Army, houses more than forty types of medical simulators distributed in 25 work areas, among which physical examination, ultrasonography or laboratory with multiple anatomical models. Students will be able to practice endoscopic operations, patient care, neonatal care, ultrasound, dentistry, among others on mannequins.

"It is a higher education center that has high-tech equipment to revolutionize the teaching of medicine in Nicaragua. We have developed a center that has the development potential to change the history of health," said Enrique Esquivel López, director of the Military Hospital and lieutenant colonel of the Nicaraguan Army.

The construction of the center cost approximately 2.5 million dollars.

"Students will no longer practice on cadavers," said Dayton Castañeda, director of the simulator center. The building has an anatomy room. THE PRESS / Jader Flores “The most important thing is that the student can make a mistake in this center without harming anyone, and once he has achieved enough [experience] to do things correctly, we proceed to train him in the clinical area with real patients, that is the revolution in medicine, ”said Esquivel.

International accreditation in process

This is the first time that the country has a simulator center, in addition to "being unique in the region," Esquivel said. With this new project, the Military Hospital seeks to be a reference center at regional level in the professional and academic training of pre and postgraduate in the different disciplines of the health sector.

"It is a revolution in medicine and teaching, we are changing the way of teaching with a high-tech way and with the development of human resources. Regionally we are at the forefront, it is the most [extensive] center in the region, which has not only the equipment, but also the personal training and the certificate for teaching in medicine, "said the lieutenant.

He also added that the Hospital has international accreditation under the Canada Accreditation organization, which allows improving the quality and safety of patients. “With this we take a step, and we are proud to contribute to the country in matters of safety, quality and well-being of our patients. This is a milestone for us that puts us at the forefront, ”he concluded.

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