Beltkiss Sanborn

Date Joined: May 2019

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Jersey City



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Agriculture and Food
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My name is Beltkiss Sanborn. I was born in Nicaragua. I migrated to the USA when I was three years old. I grew in New York. I have since visited Nicaragua twice. My grandfather owned lots of real estate in several parts of Nicaragua including Masaya, Granada, Catarina, Managua. I plan to rent out several properties to help fund this NGO along with my company’s profits from events, My three plans are one to set up a school for pregnant girls located in Masaya. I have a large home there that can accommodate several girls. Two, regain access to a ranch I own which will serve as land to grow crops raise livestock and host events. Third, I plan to open a home where the girls can live while they are pregnant. We will then provide housing to them as well as newborn supplies. We will encourage marriage where possible. Most importantly, we will provide these girl's a well rounded education.

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