Escuela Adelante

Organization Founded: Jul 2013

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San Juan del Sur

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Escuela Adelante’s mission is to inspire a love of learning and multicultural connections for students of all ages. We aim to prepare our students for a successful future in both Nicaraguan and international universities and to be productive, culturally competent citizens. We believe everyone deserves the resources and support to reach their full potential linguistically and academically.

What We're About

Escuela Adelante provides high quality English, bilingual, and international eduation in San Juan del Sur and Rivas, Nicaragua. We aim to provide a single, unified and fantastic educational experience both for the growing number of expat students and also the large local community. With our various programs, including STEM based ESL and a coordinated partnership with existing international schools, Escuela Adelante is a path forward: to a love of learning, commitment to excellence and future success for each of our students.



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