FNE International

Organization Founded: Feb 2011

City of Origin

Boston, MA

Country of Origin

United States

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Genre's of Aid

Agriculture and Food
Garden Projects
Housing - Permanent
Medical, Clinical, Pharmacological

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FNE International partners with communities in developing nations to identify opportunities to advance housing, health and education. By Facilitating collaboration and Networking with local and international organizations, we strive to seize those opportunities and Empower individuals to do the same as engaged members of their community and the world.

What We're About

FNEI values integrity, respect, and solidarity. Our relationships with partners are balanced and illustrate mutual respect. FNEI seeks to facilitate projects that empower people to help themselves, with self-sustainability as the ultimate goal. Collaboration with organizations based both domestically and abroad expands a network of volunteers and drives innovation. With everyone with whom we collaborate, we recognize both our differences and common bonds and celebrate them together. Through the implementation of these values, FNEI seeks to lead by example in the field of sustainable development. The team Facilitates, Networks, and Empowers. All three emphasize our dedication to community organizing and local resourcing. It is essential to replace top-down relationships with ones that work with what emerges organically from the community. On a global level, building bridges and connections between cultures is crucial. We believe in forming collaborative relationships and fostering a sense of understanding. Our work is based on community needs through a hand-in-hand approach rather than a hand-over-hand approach. Interactions are meaningful and balanced, highlighting how cross-cultural friendships can be made through true and honest support for fellow human beings.



Kelvin Ramirez, Board Member
Rebecca Hervieux, Board Member
Andres Gonzalez, Board Member
Emily Sendin, Director of Human Rights
Sarah Cannon, Director of Education
Melissa Faulkner. President
Travis Kumph, Vice President
Michael Cipoletti, Executive Director