Ascential Language and Arts School (ALAS)

Organization Founded: Dec 2013

City of Origin

Ometepe, Nicaragua

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Genre's of Aid

Social & Cultural Development
Children and Youth
Community Center
Health & Nutrition
Arts Education fused with Language Practice

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Our commission is to inhabit the performing arts in order to engage communities, promote the value of historical arts preservation and education, and endorse complete artistic, academic and scientific experiences. Ascential Language and Arts School (ALAS) is a service organization providing creative and academic assistance to various collectives in the US and abroad. We enjoy connecting our global affiliates in an effort to facilitate unique collaborations. We provide events, performances, classes and engagements throughout North and Central America. On Ometepe, Nicaragua we offer tuition-free arts and language classes for children and adults.

What We're About

In December 2013, ALAS created performing & visual arts courses fused with English & Spanish language practice. With four years of building and developing our unique curriculum, we now have over 250 students from four villages taking our classes in Dance, Music, Art, Yoga and Martial Arts. We have been funded by friends and family, but are starting to receive global recognition and assistance in our endeavors.



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