John De Jong

Friends of Families United

Organization Founded: Jul 2007

City of Origin

Wenatchee, WA

Country of Origin

United States

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Genre's of Aid

Children and Youth
Housing - Permanent
Health & Nutrition

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The Friends of Families United are working to assist a small group of poor families in the city of Esteli. Our efforts have been aimed at keeping kids in school through the secondary level, making scholarships available to eligible students to help them attend local universities, providing medical and dental programs for all members, maintaining a health and nutrition program, helping all members build new houses, making a micro-fund program available for a range of purposes.

What We're About

Our Executive Board sets policy and creates programs to benefit the members Families United in Nicaragua, a group of twenty families totaling about 100 people. Our financial support comes from a small but committed group of donors known as the "Friends." Most of them support the cause by becoming sponsors of the kids. Our Board, acting mainly through our director, interacts closely with the Committee of Care, two Nicaraguan locals who turn our donations into active programs for the members in Esteli. They manage all aspects of the program on the ground and report back to the Board on progress as well as problems.



General Manager
Marvin Rivera is currently serving as the General Manager of the AVANZA Stove Factory, which is owned and operated by the Families United non-profit--for the benefit of its members.
Legal Representative
Lester Molina has served from 2007 until recently as the Housing Director of Families United. He now serves as the Legal Representative of the Families United nonprofit.
Program Director
Elida Hernandez has served as the Program Director of Families United for most of the ten years we have existed. Currently she works as the Sales Manager of the AVANZA Stove Factory that the members operate in Esteli.