North Country Mission of Hope - Mision Esperanza

Organization Founded: Oct 1998

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Garden Projects
Emergency Service – Police, Fire, EMTs
Children and Youth
Housing - Permanent
Emergency Services – EMT
Health & Nutrition
Medical, Clinical, Pharmacological
Water - Treatment
Sponsor orphanages, disability centers and HIV orphans in foster homes

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As a spiritually-based humanitarian organization, the North Country Mission of Hope is committed to fostering hope and empowering relationships with the people of Nicaragua. 97% of all money raised goes directly to the services we provide to the people of Nicaragua.

What We're About

The North Country Mission of Hope’s goal is to empower the people of Nicaragua to improve their livelihood. The Mission has four pillars that is the foundation of how it operates; ecological sustainability, education, healthcare and community development. The Mission employs and trains residents living in the local barrios and works with the local Junta council to help identify the poorest of the poor. The key to the Mission’s success to date is that the Leadership team and the Board Members are willing to learn and fine tune the programs based on the “true” needs of the people the Mission serves. Currently, the Mission operates in thirteen barrios, nineteen schools, four orphanages, two disability centers and numerous foster homes housing 110 HIV orphans.



William Murray - Liaison
Bill is the President of the North Country Mission of Hope Board and is residing in Nicaragua for 2016 and 2017 to assist in improving and growing the mission's operations.
Magaly Velasquez - Project Administrator
Responsible for managing our many projects, principally our feeding programs, education sponsorships, and supply chain logistics.
Mauricio Flores - Administrator
The Administrator has responsibility for the overall operation and functioning of Mision Esperanza in Nicaragua. This includes all financial aspects as well. This position is focused on implementing the four pillar programs of the North Country Mission of Hope: Education, Healthcare, Community Development and Ecological Development. The Administrator supervises all employees of Mision Esperanza (Nicaragua).