Nueva Vida Nicaragua

Organization Founded: Jun 2011

City of Origin

Atlanta, Ga.

Country of Origin

United States

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Genre's of Aid

Agriculture and Food
Children and Youth
Religion, Belief & Ethics
Health & Nutrition
Church planting

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Present the Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ to he lost, feed the hungry and care for the sick and needy people of Nicaragua.

What We're About

We have built 2 Baptist Churches where we operate a feeding center at each one. We grow, dry and grind moringa that we utilize daily in our feeding programs. We have a commercial farm where we grow traditional crops such as plantains and yucca to benefit our feeding centers. We also grow experimental vegetable crops from around the tropical world. We have educational classes at our Churches that include discipleship, English classes, math classes, home economics and sanitation. We have youth soccer and volleyball programs. We give medical care and medicine to needy people. We solicit and provide oxygen equipment to sick children. We will be growing Citrus and other fruit trees on a commercial scale at our new farm north of Chinandega with all proceeds going to support or projects. We view all of our programs as opportunities to fulfill our commission to present the Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ.



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